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Energy consultant is a free professional title , i. H. the term energy consultant is not protected and is not subject to any generally applicable professional standards or regulations.

In general, experts are referred to as energy consultants who account for and assess technical devices or real estate in terms of energy . With this so-called energy consultation, they give important advice and information when purchasing or renewing.

Various internet services offer consumers the opportunity to research on-site energy advisors. An industry initiative of the building materials trade in Germany that has been awarded by DENA provides z. B. Energy consultants for a free, non-binding initial consultation and informs homeowners and builders about current subsidy programs and possibilities for energy modernization measures. These are broken down into an inventory, an individual renovation concept and proof of the renovation.


In recent years, mainly the chambers (were from diverse educational institutions, Chamber of Engineers , Chamber of Architects , Chamber of Trade , Industry and Commerce , universities ) training established. The most important criterion of these educational measures is the state recognition of the degree and the associated entitlement to state-sponsored consulting services and / or evidence such as the energy certificate . The prerequisite for this is u. a. taking an exam, e.g. B. as a building energy advisor or a state-approved expert for sound and heat insulation. Certification training is also offered at the Center for Environmentally Conscious Building (ZUB) at the University of Kassel.

  • Further training according to the criteria of the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) , which promotes "on-site advice" by independent consultants. Minimum requirements are placed on the consultant report, which means that this qualification has a good chance of establishing itself as a "quasi-standard" for consultations.
  • The authorization to issue energy requirement certificates, which is regulated differently in the federal states . If the renovation is to be carried out after building energy advice , depending on its type and scope, it must be checked whether an energy requirement certificate is required as evidence under public law. An expert for the purposes of funding the KfW Bank is a federal program in BAFA "on-site guidance" or the consumer center Bundesverband e. V. approved energy consultant or a person authorized to issue an exhibition in accordance with Section 21 of the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV).

The data basis for an energy requirement certificate is usually available with the energy advice service, making it easy for a suitably qualified energy consultant to create the ID. Advice can be provided from “one source”.

In the best case scenario, the consultant has further competencies in terms of planning, building permits ( building submission authorization ), awarding of construction works, construction supervision and cost control. The importance of these additional qualifications is also confirmed by the fact that KfW is currently awarding a “subsidy for construction supervision” within the framework of the “Energy-efficient renovation” and “Energy-efficient construction” programs.

For Austria see O.Ö. Energy saving association .

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