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Bean counter or bean counting colloquially and ironically disparagingly describes a person who is concerned with the greatest accuracy and completeness or his actions.

Originally the word had a different meaning. Up until the 19th century, a stingy and stingy person was called a bean counter, but since the 20th century the meaning of the word has expanded or shifted, namely to emphasize the petty and pedantic .


The compound bean counter has been used in German for several centuries. Grimmelshausen used the word in his novel Simplicissimus , which was published in 1668. And Adelung recorded the word in his dictionary in 1796 as a synonym for “Geitzhals”, which is used in both High German and Low German .

The opinion that the word in its more recent meaning (pedant) goes back to an incident from the life of Karl Baedeker is probably untrue .

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