Declaration by 300 university teachers for Adolf Hitler

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The text Die deutsche Geisteswelt for list 1. Declaration by 300 German university teachers appeared on March 4, 1933 in the NSDAP newspaper Völkischer Beobachter . The declaration contains an election call for the Reichstag elections of March 5, 1933 in favor of the NSDAP under Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler .


"We signed German university and college professors today declare in public that we see the right path in the takeover of power by Adolf Hitler and the union of national forces who want to be active in the reconstruction of the German people, the immense need and impoverishment of the to put a stop to the German people. [...] ”The 300 academic signatories supported the proclaimed goals, the“ recovery of our entire public life and thus the rescue and resurgence of Germany ”and the fight“ against the Marxist-Bolshevik influences on the spirit of our people ”.

The initiative probably came from the University of Jena , and the NS student union was involved in the collection of signatures. At some universities only a few were ready to sign. The later confession of the German professors to Adolf Hitler in November 1933 received 900 signatures.


It signed among others


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Single receipts

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