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Eva Karnofsky (* 1955 in Wesel ) is a German journalist and writer .


Karnofsky has a doctorate in political science. Since 1984 she has been writing about Latin America as a journalist and author. First she worked as a freelance journalist a. a. active for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the radio of the ARD . After managing Deutsche Welle 's Latin America programs for a year , she moved to Buenos Aires in 1993 and traveled the continent for ten years as a correspondent for the Süddeutsche Zeitung .

Eva Karnofsky lives in Hamminkeln on the Lower Rhine. She has been working as a freelance reporter for WDR radio on the Lower Rhine and as a literary critic for SWR and WDR since 2016 . She is the author of novels, thrillers and non-fiction books.


Radio plays
  • 2012: with Christine Grän: Bogotá Blues - Director: Jörg Schlüter (WDR)


For a report about the killers of the Colombian cocaine mafia she received the journalism award of the city of Klagenfurt and the journalist award for development policy. The radio play "Bogotá Blues", which she wrote for WDR together with Christine Grän, received the 2012 Marl Media Prize for Human Rights awarded by Amnesty International .

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