Extension (medicine)

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Extension and flexion of various joints

The extension (from latin extensio , stretching ' ) is the stretching of a joint . The opposite movement is called flexion .

In the case of the ankle and wrist , the extension (lifting of the foot or fingertip) is usually referred to as dorsiflexion in humans . The term reclination is mostly used on the spine .

Is a body part overstretched, it is from a hyperextension spoken (for. Example, when the knee joint as Genu recurvatum ).

When the extensor or Strecker a is skeletal muscle designated, the stretching of a joint takes place. In some anatomical muscle names, especially muscles of the forearm and lower leg , the term occurs explicitly as a second part of the name , e.g. B. extensor carpi ulnaris muscle , elbow-sided extensor muscle of the wrist ' .

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