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Waters European Arctic Ocean
Land mass Scandinavian peninsula
Geographical location 61 ° 53 '13 "  N , 5 ° 5' 24"  E Coordinates: 61 ° 53 '13 "  N , 5 ° 5' 24"  E
Fåfjord (Vestland)

The Fåfjord is one of the northern mouths of the Nordfjord in the Fylke (province) Vestland in Norway .

It runs for about 10 km from northwest to southeast between the islands of Husevågøya and Gansøya in the north and Bremangerland in the south. The Vågsfjord , a second northern entrance to the Nordfjord, runs parallel to it on the north side of Husevågøya and Gansøya .

The border between the two municipalities of Kinn in the north and Bremanger in the south runs in the middle of the fairway .

The Fåfjord ends south of Gansøya, where it changes into the Skatestraumen, which continues to the southeast, and where the short Djupsund between Gansøya and the small island Risøya crosses to the northeast into the actual Nordfjord.

A car ferry , the extreme western one in the area of ​​the Nordfjord, crosses the Fåfjord from the settlement Oldeide on Bremangerland to the southern end of the island Husvågøya and continues from there over the Vågsfjord to Måløy on Vågsøya , where it connects to the provincial road Rv15 and thus to the Norwegian road network consists.

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