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A sponsorship award is a form of support for young cultural talent, e.g. B. in the field of literary prizes , film prizes or cabaret awards, which are usually awarded in addition to the main prize. In addition, there are seldom promotional prizes that are themselves the main prize for special commitment in a state or civil society ( foundations , non-governmental organizations , associations ) desired terrain.

Goal setting

It should bring welcome media attention to the recipients and the donors. Last but not least, the financial aspect, the endowment , ensures that newcomers who have been proven to be highly talented but not yet established on the "market" can get over the "dry spells" so that they can continue to produce for a certain limited period of time without immediate economic concerns and establish the necessary sales networks.

In the scientific community it is no longer uncommon to not only offer prizes for special innovations , but also B. to publicly honor special achievements in teaching (example of the "Prize for Teaching" of the Medical Faculty of the Philipps University of Marburg ). The University of Bonn is practicing a form that is extraordinarily aimed at intentional behavioral control by granting additional premiums to researchers who have already been able to acquire substantial third-party funding, i.e. subsidizing them where it was not necessary.

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Individual evidence

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