Wolfgang Weyrauch sponsorship award

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Reading by Özlem Özgül Dündar , winner of 2015. The jury members (from left to right) Marion Poschmann , Insa Wilke (moderator), Kurt Drawert and Jan Koneffke can be seen on the side

The Wolfgang-Weyrauch-Förderpreis is a literary prize for the promotion of young talent in the field of German-language poetry , which is awarded every two years by the city of Darmstadt at the poetry competition Literary March . It is named after the German writer Wolfgang Weyrauch .

The award is the “little brother” of the Leonce and Lena Prize and was called “ Working Scholarships ” until 1997 before it was named .

Prize money

The cultural and political sponsorship award is endowed with 8,000 euros.

Award criteria

Every second year, the city of Darmstadt awards the Leonce and Lena Prize and the Wolfgang Weyrauch sponsorship awards totaling EUR 8,000 each for German-language poetry. In 2019 the Literary March took place for the 21st time.

Award winners

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