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Fabian Braun (born January 31, 1997 ) is a German men's floret fencer and current member of the national team .


Fabian Braun from Saarbrücken switched to a fencing boarding school in Bonn in 2012 and graduated from the elite sports school at Tannenbusch Gymnasium in 2015. He is currently fighting for his home club FSV Klarenthal and is a member of the sports promotion group of the German Armed Forces .

In 2014 he finished 9th at the Cadet World Championships in Plovdiv and thus qualified for the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, which Braun also finished in 9th place. In 2015 he became German junior runner-up. In 2017 Braun finished 8th at the Junior European Championships , and at the Junior World Championships he finished 5th with the team. He also achieved his greatest sporting success to date in 2017 by winning the German active championship, in which he defeated four-time world champion Peter Joppich , among others . He won the bronze medal at the German Championships in 2019.

Sporting successes

German championships

· 2014 - 2nd place among the Cadets

· 2015 - 2nd place in the juniors

· 2017 - 1st place among the active

· 2019 - 3rd place among the active

European championships

· 2017 - 8th place in the juniors

· 2017 - 8th place in the junior team

2017 - 6th place in the U23 team

World championships

2014 - 9th place among the Cadets

· 2017 - 5th place among the juniors in the team

Other successes

· 2014 - 9th place at the Youth Olympic Games

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