Fargel (Hamelin family)

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The family Fargel or of Fargel in Hameln is there since the early 16th century resident patrician - sex .


The von Fargel family presumably comes from the town of Groß-Vargula near Langensalza . The Fargel's rich heritage, acquired more than three centuries ago, was lost in the Thirty Years War . Nevertheless, the family is still one of the most respected citizens of the city of Hameln to this day.

  • The oldest known representative of the Hamelin family was the later bailiff, clerk and court judge Johann von Fargel († July 1560).
  • Elisabeth Margarete Fargel married in since the mid-17th century in Hannover detectable Family Brauns : You married the artistic and commercial gardener Friedrich Ludwig Braun's working there, who "in the so-called Moore" around 1800 the largest market garden of Hanover established, which in the 19th century under the name of Gebrüder Brauns which soon developed into the largest commercial gardening company in northern Germany.

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