Ferdinand Eugen von Franken-Siersdorf

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Ferdinand Eugen von Franken-Siersdorf ( January 1, 1714 - October 1, 1781 ) was a priest and canon in Cologne .

On July 24, 1739, his uncle, the Cologne Auxiliary Bishop Franz Kaspar von Franken-Siersdorf , renounced the canonical to St. Ursula (Cologne) in his favor . In 1751 he was not only canon at St. Severin (Cologne) , but also Regens at the Laurentianer-Gymnasium (Cologne), which he remained until 1778. At the same time canon to St. Andreas (Cologne) , in 1753 he was also dean of St. Apostles . After holding the rector's office of Cologne University in 1756, he became Cologne canon in 1764 . As once in St. Ursula, here too his uncle resigned himself in his favor. He himself resigned in 1781 in favor of his cousin Franz Theodor von Franken-Siersdorf.