Ferdinand Karl Weinhart

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Ferdinand Karl Weinhart (born August 14, 1654 in Innsbruck ; † April 27, 1716 ) was an Austrian physician and university professor.

He was the eldest son of Paul Weinhart the Elder. J. († November 26, 1710) and studied philosophy at the newly opened University of Innsbruck , where he obtained his master's degree. He then studied medicine in Padua , received his doctorate in 1674 and opened a medical practice in Innsbruck. In August 1677 he was accepted into the medical college and appointed second professor at the medical faculty in September. He took over the newly founded chair of medical institutions (included physiology, hygiotheorie, pathology, semiotics, therapy, basics of surgery).

As the successor to Gaudenz von Sala , he took over the chair of practice in November 1691 and in 1703 that of aphorisms. He was rector and dean of the medical faculty several times. His library contained 1525 books.

In 1709 Emperor Joseph I († 1711) appointed him his court physician and imperial councilor. He was also the personal physician of Charles VI.


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