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Fernando de Almeida do Carmo († December 7, 1975 in Dili , East Timor ) was a politician and freedom fighter from East Timor and a member of the FRETILIN party .


Carmo was a senior non-commissioned officer in the Portuguese army during the colonial era . When the civil war broke out in East Timor in 1975 , he became deputy commander of the FALINTIL , the military army of the left-wing FRETILIN party, which emerged victorious from the fighting. Carmo was also a member of the Central Committee of FRETILIN (CCF).

On November 28, 1975, FRETILIN unilaterally proclaimed East Timor's independence from Portugal . By this time Indonesia had already started to occupy the border areas. Carmo was in the government appointed Deputy Minister of Information, Home Affairs and Security. Since Rogério Lobato , Defense Minister and Commander of FALINTIL, left East Timor shortly afterwards to gain support for the new republic abroad, Carmo took over command of FALINTIL.

On December 7th, Indonesia began the open invasion of East Timor with the attack on the capital Dili . Carmo was caught in an Indonesian ambush the same day he was on his way to rescue Australian journalist Roger East from the Hotel Turismo . Outnumbered and inferior in terms of weapons technology, he died in close combat with the Indonesian soldiers.

His successor as FALINTIL commander was Nicolau dos Reis Lobato .


On December 20, 2006, Carmo was posthumously awarded the Ordem de Dom Boaventura .

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