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Final Fantasy II (OT: . Jap ファイナルファンタジーII , Fainaru Fantajī TSU ) is the second part of the Final Fantasy - video game series . In Japan, it was released on December 17, 1988.

In Europe and the USA it was released with slightly different content and with English text as part of the Final Fantasy Origins together with FF1 for the PlayStation . A new edition together with Part 1, also with changes in content, is available for both the Wonderswan Color (only in Japan) and the Game Boy Advance . The development of this game as a module for the American market began, but never got beyond beta status . However, there is a version translated into English by fans for NES emulators .

On June 16, 2009, Final Fantasy II was released in Japan for the Nintendo Virtual Console. Since then, the classic can be downloaded from the download platform for 500 Wii Points. The version for the Virtual Console is based on the original game.

On February 25, 2010 a version for Apple iOS in Japanese and English was published, which has revised graphics and new content.


The Palmekia Empire also killed the parents of four children during its reign of terror, who then join a rebel group to fight against the Empire.


For the first time character names were used: Firion , Maria , Ghai and Leon . There is also a princess named Hilda , the magician Min'U , a thief named Paul and Cid , the master of the airship. These names refer to Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls . Since then there has been a character named Cid in every part of the series , mostly in connection with airships. Another innovation was the level-up system: the more often an ability is used, the more effective it becomes.

In Final Fantasy II, some things have been added that appear in almost all of the following parts, such as the Chocobos mounts or the division of the group into a front and back row. Characters in the back row only take half damage, but they can only take half damage.

At the same time, Final Fantasy II has some features that are not found in any other game in the series. You can learn terms that you have to say to other people in order to receive additional information or to advance in the game. To gain more power points, a character must lose more than half of his power points in battle. The same applies to the magic points. You have to buy the spells, they first appear as items and have to be selected in the menu before you can use them. The spells become stronger through use.

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