Fini Henriques

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Fini Henriques

Fini Valdemar Henriques (born December 20, 1867 in Copenhagen ; † October 27, 1940 there ) was a Danish composer and violinist.


Fini Henriques was the son of Attorney General Vilhelm Moritz Henriques (1828–1889). Henriques began playing the piano as a child under the guidance of his mother and playing the violin under the guidance of a teacher; he was considered a musical child prodigy. At the age of 20 he had private violin lessons from Valdemar Tofte , a student of Louis Spohr . He later studied composition with Johan Svendsen and from 1888 studied with Joseph Joachim and Woldemar Bargiel in Berlin. After his return home, Henriques received a scholarship in 1891, the Anckersche Legat named after Carl Andreas Ancker , which enabled him to go on a study trip through Germany and Austria.

From 1892 to 1896 he was a violinist in the Royal Chapel in Copenhagen , after which he lived as a freelance composer and soloist. He founded a string quartet and in 1911 a society for chamber music, which he called Musiksamfundet and directed for twenty years. In 1900 Johan Halvorsen dedicated his Sarabande con variazioni , for violin and viola, on a theme by Handel to him . Both as a soloist and as a conductor, concert tours have taken him through the Scandinavian countries, but also to Berlin and Paris.

Henriques was a board member of the Association of Danish Composers and Knights of the Dannebrog Order .


Henriques composed, among other things, two operas , two ballets , theatrical music, two symphonies , three symphonic poems , chamber music , piano pieces and songs . In 1895 he composed a romance with the dedication: Dedicated to my dear teacher, Professor Valdemar Tofte, Romance for violin with accompaniment of Saitenintrumente Op. 12.

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