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Start of a Formula 1 race

The formula 1 in motor sports boot (also F1 H2O) is, according to International Federation UIM the fastest outboard boat racing series in circuit racing.


World and European championships in motorboat racing used to be held in several races on one weekend at the same location, whereby in four races the worst run of each driver was not included in the overall ranking. In 1975, a "European Endurance Championship" was held for the first time in the 850 cm³ and 2000 cm³ cubic capacity classes, for which up to six races were evaluated at different venues. In 1980 the UIM introduced the term “Formula 1”. In the Formula 1 world championship series, all outboard racing boats with a displacement of more than 2000 cm³ were allowed to start. Only engines from OMC ( Johnson / Evinrude ) were used, initially V6 engines, from 1981 the specially developed V8 engines.

Mercury's racing engines had a displacement of just under 2000 cc at the time. In 1981 they founded the "FONDA" world championship series to compete with Formula 1. FONDA stands for "Formula ON Drivers Association", the name "Formula ON" comes from the designation of the class "ON" for boats with engines of 2000 cc. Sometimes the abbreviation was incorrectly interpreted as "Formula One Drivers Association". In 1983 it was renamed the "Formula Grand Prix" world championship series. After OMC stopped producing the 8-cylinder engines, Formula 1 was no longer held in 1987. From 1990 the UIM re-awarded the title to the racing boat class with up to 2000 cm³ displacement, so only boats with Mercury engines started there. In order not to limit the class to one brand of engine, the UIM raised the displacement limit to 3 liters from 2000 and introduced sub-groups. In the races, the participants started with 2-liter Mercury engines, 2.5-liter Mercury engines and only very rarely 3-liter Johnson engines, but these proved to be less than competitive. As a result, all drivers have now switched to Mercury engines.


There are three classes in the current regulations (see table). The Italian Guido Cappellini set the world records in 2005.

class Engine displacement Weight boat World record driver
2 liters up to 2100 cm³ 486 kg 233.09 km / h Guido Cappellini
2.5 liters up to 2550 cm³ 550 kg 256.26 km / h Guido Cappellini
3 liters up to 3100 cm³ 586 kg 244.94 km / h Guido Cappellini

Notes on the table:

  1. The minimum weight includes the boat including the engine and remaining fuel after the race as well as the driver including personal safety equipment.

World championship series

A Formula 1 boat on a reversible buoy

The Formula 1 world championship series is held annually. The number of races is not specified in the regulations; it has been between six and ten in recent years. Each race is made up of:

  • free training
  • two timed practice sessions with a maximum of 17 laps each to determine the starting positions
  • Individual qualifying (1 lap) for the best six drivers in the qualifying to determine the starting position for the main race
  • Main race over approx. 45 minutes

The first ten drivers of the main race receive the following number of points according to their placement:

placement 1 2 3 4th 5 6th 7th 8th 9 10
Points 20th 15th 12 9 7th 5 4th 3 2 1

The points are added up and determine the world champion at the end of the season.

The racing venues in recent years have been: Doha ( Qatar , 2008–2011), Portimao ( Portugal , 2008–2011), Lahti ( Finland , 2008–2009), St. Petersburg ( Russia , 2008–2010), Kiev ( Ukraine , 2011 ), Kazan ( Tatarstan , 2011), Linyi (China, 2010), Liuzhou ( China , 2008–2011), Shenzhen (China, 2008–2010), Abu Dhabi ( UAE , 2008–2011), Sharjah (UAE, 2008– 2011). The last Formula 1 race in Germany took place on August 3, 2003 in Stralsund .

The only German Formula 1 world champion Michael Werner
World record holder Guido Cappellini won his 10th championship title in 2009.
Roger Jenkins 1981
Winner of Formula 1 (and comparable classes) in motorboat racing
year Displacement class 2 liters Displacement class 3 liters
1975 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Bob Spalding
1976 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Tom Percival
1977 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Roger Jenkins
1978 Yugoslavia Socialist Federal RepublicYugoslavia Miodrag Radovanovic
1979 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Nick Cripps
1980 United KingdomUnited Kingdom John Millward United KingdomUnited Kingdom Bob Spalding
1981 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Tony Williams ItalyItaly Renato Molinari
1982 GermanyGermany Michael Werner United KingdomUnited Kingdom Roger Jenkins
1983 GermanyGermany Michael Werner ItalyItaly Renato Molinari
1984 United KingdomUnited Kingdom John Hill † ItalyItaly Renato Molinari
1985 United KingdomUnited Kingdom John Hill † United KingdomUnited Kingdom Bob Spalding
1986 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jonathan Jones United StatesUnited States Gene Thibodeaux
1987 United StatesUnited States Bill Seebold
1988 United StatesUnited States Chris Bush
1989 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jonathan Jones
1990 United KingdomUnited Kingdom John Hill †
1991 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jonathan Jones
1992 ItalyItaly Fabrizio Bocca
1993 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
1994 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
1995 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
1996 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
1997 United StatesUnited States Scott Gillman
1998 United KingdomUnited Kingdom Jonathan Jones
1999 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2000 United StatesUnited States Scott Gillman
2001 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2002 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2003 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2004 United StatesUnited States Scott Gillman
2005 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2006 United StatesUnited States Scott Gillman
2007 FinlandFinland Sami Seliö
2008 United StatesUnited States Jay Price
2009 ItalyItaly Guido Cappellini
2010 FinlandFinland Sami Seliö
2011 QatarQatar Alex Carella
2012 QatarQatar Alex Carella
2013 QatarQatar Alex Carella
2014 FranceFrance Philippe Chiappe

Other German pilots:

Individual evidence

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