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Foster's Group

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founding November 13, 1889
Seat Melbourne , AustraliaAustraliaAustralia 
management Ian Johnston (CEO)
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Foster's Group is an Australian beverage company active in the brewery , spirits and soft drink sectors.

The company was listed as Foster's Group Limited on the Australian Securities Exchange and is headquartered in Melbourne . The group is well known for its Foster's Lager beer brand , which is brewed under license in Europe, North America and Asia.


In 1886 the Irish brothers William M. Foster and Ralph R. Foster sailed from New York to Melbourne and two years later founded a brewery on Rokeby Street in Collingwood. In November 1888 they began to brew their first beer and tasted it publicly for the first time on February 1, 1889. A few months later they sold the brewery to a local syndicate and returned to the United States .

The new owners Hart, Thomas and Turner left the company on November 13, 1889 under the name Foster's Brewing Co. Ltd. entered in the Melbourne Trade Register. In August 1903 the Society of Brewers Melbourne was founded and the brewery was a member.

In order to increase its competitiveness, the Society of Brewers announced in April 1906 the merger of all of its members (Carlton Brewery Ltd., McCracken's City Brewery Ltd., Castlemaine Brewery Co. (Melbourne) Ltd., Shamrock Brewing and Malting Co. Ltd., The Foster's Brewing Co. Pty. Ltd. and Victoria Brewery Pty. Ltd.) into one company.

The new company, named Carlton & United Breweries (CUB), was registered on May 8, 1907, and the contract was signed on June 30, 1907. In 1908 the Foster's Brewery on Rokeby Street closed and the Foster's name was almost lost. CUB only continued brewing Foster's lager because they were forced to do so by laws in the states of Queensland and Western Australia .

In 1983, Carlton & United Breweries acquired Elders IXL , a large Australian company, and called itself Elders Brewing Group . In 1990 the company was renamed the Foster's Group , after the internationally known beer brand Foster's Lager . In 2005 the Foster's Group took over the Australian wine producer Southcorp and acquired the rights to the well-known brands Penfolds , Lindemans and Rosemount .

Splitting up

At the end of May 2010, Foster's announced that the "Foster's Wine Estates" division would be separated. The split was completed on May 10, 2011, and the wine division was listed on the Australian stock exchange under the new name " Treasury Wine Estates ".

Takeover by SABMiller

In August, SABMiller failed in attempting a hostile takeover of Australia's Foster's Group. On September 21, 2011, SABMiller announced that it had agreed on a takeover in which SABMiller offered A $ 5.10 for one Foster's share. This put Foster's market valuation at AUD 9.9 billion. Foster's Group Limited suspended trading on the Australian Securities Exchange on Dec. 2, 2011, followed by delisting on Dec. 20, 2011 .


  • Beer brands: Ballarat Bitter, Carlton Cold, Carlton Draft, Cascade Draft, Cascade Premium Lager, Crown Lager, Fiji Bitter, Foster's Lager , Foster's Special Bitter, Melbourne Bitter, Pure Blonde, Sterling, Victoria Bitter.
  • Spirits and cider: Black Jack, Cougar Bourbon, Karloff, Karloff Vodka, Kirov, Mercury Cider, Pearl, Strongbow Cider , The Black Douglas Whiskey, The Tall Blond


  • Carlton & United Beverages
  • Matilda Bay Brewing Company

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