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François Chabot

François Chabot (born October 23, 1756 in Saint-Geniez-d'Olt , Aveyron department , † April 5, 1794 in Paris ) was a French priest and politician .


Chabot first received his school education in the monastery of Rodez , where he gained knowledge in the field of mathematics in particular . He later entered the Capuchin order as a novice and studied Catholic theology in Carcassonne and Béziers . After his ordination he worked as a Capuchin priest, but resigned from the congregation at the end of 1788 . The Chabot was far more interested in secular politics, especially after the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789.

The former cleric supported the constitutional bishop of Blois Henri Grégoire as vicar general in 1791 . In the same year he was also elected as a representative of the Loir-et-Cher department to the National Assembly. On August 9, 1792, François Chabot contributed significantly to the Tuileries Tower with a sermon in the Paris suburb of Saint-Antoine . He then became a member of the National Convention , in which he essentially represented the interests of the extreme left . Chabot particularly demanded the condemnation of King Louis XVI. , but also moderate politician and also promoted the distribution of all goods to the proletariat . On the other hand, he voted against the expulsion of all Bourbons from France, as he trusted the liberal sentiment of Duke Philippe Égalité . Despite his merits, which led to the overthrow of the Girondins on May 31, 1793, he rejected the dictatorship favored by Marat . As a major advocate for a de-Christianization of the churches, he submitted the proposal to transform the Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral into the temple of reason .

The former Capuchin went to the departments of Tarn and Aveyron for a few weeks to set up and monitor revolutionary monitoring committees. After his return in the summer of 1793, François Chabot met influential bankers such as the English banker Boyd and the Bohemian brothers Emanuel and Junius Frey , whose sister he married Leopoldine in October 1793. Due to his involvement in the India Company scandal, he lost the favor of his sponsor Maximilien de Robespierre , who had him arrested in November 1793.

François Chabot was charged on March 18, 1794 of having enriched himself with relatives by forging laws . He was sentenced to death and after he had unsuccessfully tried to poison suicide to commit on April 5, 1794 with the brothers Frey and " indulgent " to Georges Danton and Camille Desmoulins executed .


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