Francisco António da Veiga Beirão

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Francisco António da Veiga Beirão

Francisco António da Veiga Beirão (born July 24, 1841 in Lisbon , † November 11, 1916 in Paço de Arcos , Oeiras ) was a politician from the time of the constitutional monarchy in Portugal . From December 22, 1909 to June 26, 1910, he was the penultimate head of government of the monarchy.

In 1862 da Veiga Beirão finished his law studies at the University of Coimbra . From 1880 to 1904 he sat continuously as a member of the Cortes , the Portuguese parliament. He also became a well-known lawyer and was chairman of the Lisbon Bar Association. Da Veiga Beirão was politically close to the Progressive Party , but without being formally bound by party politics. He was Minister of Justice from 1886 to 1890 and Minister of Foreign Affairs of his country in 1898 . After all, in 1909/1910 he was the last in a series of non-partisan heads of government appointed by King Emanuel II . His government was overthrown over a scandal at the Credito Predial bank in which several members of his government were involved. After the proclamation of the republic , he withdrew from politics, but continued to work as a lawyer and attorney.

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Venceslaus de Sousa Pereira de Lima Prime Minister of Portugal
Antonio Teixeira de Sousa