Francisco Solano Antuña

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Francisco Solano Antuña (* 1793 in Montevideo ; † October 5, 1858 ) was a Uruguayan politician .

At the age of 14, Antuña took part in the defense of Montevideo against the British troops in 1807. A bullet broke his leg. In 1814 he was a cost officer in the administration, and for the following year he was reported to have worked as a tax officer. Antuña then worked as a secretary in the Cabildo . In this capacity, he signed an agreement made in 1819 with the Barón de la Laguna regarding the drawing of new border lines. In 1827 he worked as an editor for the El Eco Oriental newspaper, which appeared in Canelones . From 1829 to 1833 he was Oficial Mayor in the Ministry of Finance. Antuña was a representative of the Montevideo Department of the Asamblea Constituyente y Legislativa del Estado Oriental (1828-1830) , the first constituent assembly of Uruguay. In 1834 he graduated from the Universidad de Buenos Aires with a law degree . From 1836 to 1838 he worked as a public prosecutor. In 1852 he was an elected member of the court (Tribunal de Justicia). In the 6th legislative period he held from February 6, 1852 to July 15, 1853 a senatorial office for the Department of San José . In 1852 he was second vice-president, in the following year first vice-president of the Cámara de Senadores . In 1853 he also held the presidency of the Senate . He was government minister under the provisional governor ( Gobernador provisorio ) of Montevideo Luis Lamas .

Antuña was part of the Los Blancos camp . In the Montevidean Barrio Punta Carretas a street is named after him.

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