Franciszek Lessel

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Franciszek Lessel

Franciszek Lessel (* around 1780 in Puławy ; † December 26, 1838 in Piotrków Trybunalski ) was a Polish composer .

The son of the composer Wincenty Ferdynand Lessel began studying medicine in Vienna in 1797 , but soon turned to music and became a student of Joseph Haydn . In 1810 he returned to Poland, where he worked as an estate manager until 1830. After losing the job as a result of the Polish uprising, he was eventually given the post of school inspector in Piotrków.

His extensive work includes an opera , six symphonies , a piano concerto , an orchestral overture, an adagio and rondo for piano and orchestra and other orchestral works, chamber music works, including a Phantasie Caractéristique for string quartet and a quartet for flute and strings, ten historical chants , Songs and church music .