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Franciszek Raszeja (born April 2, 1896 in Culm on the Vistula, † July 21, 1942 in Warsaw ) was a doctor and university professor; he was a brother of Leon Raszeja and Maksymilian Raszeja .

Franciszek Raszeja's birth house in Chełmno

Franciszek Raszeja went to school in Culm and was friends with Kurt Schumacher , the later SPD politician who also grew up in Culm. After studying medicine in Münster , Krakow and Poznan and completing his doctorate, he worked in the university clinic in Poznan, now in Poland . In 1931 he completed his habilitation and became director of the orthopedic hospital in Schwersenz near Posen. At the same time he ran an orthopedic polyclinic in Poznan. Raszeja managed to reopen the Orthopedic Hospital of Poznan University in 1935 and took over its management. A year later he was appointed professor.

After the end of the war , Raszeja worked as a doctor in Warsaw from December 1939 and taught underground students at the Warsaw Secret University. He got in touch with Professor Ludwik Hirszfeld , who was in the Warsaw ghetto , and organized a blood donation service for the Jewish population. On July 21, 1942, despite the impending dangers, Raszeja went to the ghetto to treat a patient. He was shot dead by members of the SS in the patient's apartment with the patient, his family, two Jewish doctors and a nurse .

In February 2001 Franciszek Raszeja was posthumously awarded the title “ Righteous Among the Nations ” by the Israeli memorial for the victims of the Holocaust, Yad Vashem in Jerusalem .

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