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Frank Wolff (born August 28, 1945 in Battenberg / Eder ) is a German cellist .


He currently lives in Berlin and moves musically between »serious and popular music«.

He is a brother of Karl Dietrich Wolff , both were active in the SDS 1967/68 as federal chairmen. Like the third of the brothers, Reinhart Wolff , he was politically involved at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt. He was the life and musical companion of Anne Bärenz , who died in 2005.

He studied cello in Freiburg until 1966, but then went to Frankfurt to study sociology with Theodor W. Adorno . Only after the disintegration of the student movement did he return to (classical) cello studies.

Frank Wolff became famous with the original Frankfurter Kurorchester : in 1981 he founded it together with Anne Bärenz and Carl Hegemann . From 1984 to 1997 they were on tour with Willi Kappich and Jos Rinck . Since 2002 he has been on stage with Sabine Fischmann , Ali Neander and Markus Neumeyer and the New Frankfurt School Orchestra , which processes texts by Robert Gernhardt , among others . The reference to the New Frankfurt School in the naming is of course not accidental.

In 2007 Wolff was awarded the Goethe plaque from the city of Frankfurt am Main .


  • Frank Wolff: Solo and spa orchestra (1984)
  • Frankfurt Evening: A funny, lively music-theater-sketch program (1988)
  • Frankfurt Kurorchester: Live (1989)
  • Frankfurt Kurorchester: Bon Voyage (1992)
  • Frank Wolff: Cello solo (1994)
  • Frankfurt Kurorchester: Incognito (1994)
  • Frankfurt Kurorchester: Rausch (1995)
  • Duo Anne Bärenz & Frank Wolff: Coming back - A trip around the world (1998)
  • Bärenz / Wolff: New Frankfurt Evening (1999)
  • New Frankfurt School Orchestra: "atacca" (2002)
  • Frank Wolff: My Blue Cello (2003)
  • New Frankfurt School Orchestra: Shanghai Show (2004)
  • Anne Bärenz & Frank Wolff: Play on (2005)
  • Anne Bärenz: Bye bye (2006)
  • New Frankfurt School Orchestra: Tamtam (2006)
  • Frank & frei - With the cello through the world (2007)


  • 2010: My blue cello shot by Wolfgang Würker, premier: August 22nd, 2010 at the Mal Seh'n cinema in Frankfurt am Main

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