Goethe plaque of the city of Frankfurt am Main

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The Goethe plaque of the city of Frankfurt am Main is a German culture award.


The Goethe plaque of the city of Frankfurt am Main was founded in 1932 and was originally intended as a souvenir for personalities who made outstanding contributions to the organization and implementation of the conferences and events on the 100th anniversary of Goethe's death in 1932. The plaque was originally designed by the sculptor Harold Winter . Albert Schweitzer was one of the first porters . In the following years, the plaque "[...] for services in the cultural field, in particular to the Frankfurt theaters and the Römerberg Festival and active participation on the occasion of Goethe events [...]" was awarded.

In 1947 the award was presented by the magistrate of the city of Frankfurt am Main refounded. The Goethe plaque designed by Georg Krämer is awarded to “poets, writers, artists and scientists and other personalities in cultural life [...] who, through their creative work, are worthy of an honor dedicated to the memory of Goethe ”. It is usually awarded in the Kaisersaal of the Frankfurt Römers .

The Goethe plaque of the city of Frankfurt am Main should not be confused with the Goethe plaque of the State of Hesse , as well as the Goethe Prize , which is also awarded by the city of Frankfurt .

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