Paul von Leszczynski

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Lieutenant Colonel von Leszczynski

Paul Stanislaus Eduard von Leszczynski (born November 29, 1830 in Stettin , † February 12, 1918 in Repten ) was a Prussian infantry general .



Paul came from the high Polish noble family of Leszczyński . He was the son of lieutenant colonel a. D. Ernst Wilhelm Heinrich Ferdinand von Leszczynski (* October 28, 1797 in Magdeburg ; † February 23, 1863 in Berlin ) and his wife Laurette Antonie Berta, born von Winterfeld (* October 23, 1803 in Stettin; † May 18, 1870 in Boostedt ).

Military career

Leszczynski first attended the higher middle school in Torgau , then was a cadet in Potsdam and Berlin, and on April 14, 1848 joined the Infantry Regiment No. 20 of the Prussian Army . With this he made the campaign against Denmark and fought near Schleswig and Düppel . In 1849 he took part in the campaign against the rebels in Baden .

In the German-Danish War of 1864 he took part in the storming of the Düppeler Schanzen and the capture of Als . In the same year he was transferred to the General Staff . In the German War of 1866 he was involved in the battle of Königgrätz and was then appointed major .

In 1867 Leszczynski joined Baden as Chief of the General Staff . In the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/71 he was temporarily chief of the Siege Corps of Strasbourg , later chief of the General Staff of the XIV Army Corps and participated in the battles and sieges of Wörth , Strasbourg , Epinal , Villersexel and Belfort .

After the peace treaty in 1871, Leszczynski was reassigned to Prussian service and in 1877 was appointed major general and in 1878 commander of the 4th Guard Infantry Brigade. In 1880 he worked as a member of the study commission of the War Academy , the following year he was appointed inspector of the hunters and riflemen . After he was appointed lieutenant general and commander of the 15th division in Cologne in 1883 , he took part in maneuvers in Russia in 1884 . He was then transferred to the 11th Division .

In 1888 Leszczynski was promoted to general of the infantry, commanding general of the IX. Army Corps and in 1891 chief of the infantry regiment “Margrave Karl” (7th Brandenburgisches) No. 60 . In the same year he was put up for disposal with a pension .

In 1905 Paul von Leszczynski was appointed to the Prussian mansion for life out of the utmost confidence .


Leszczynski married Hedwig Klara von Winterfeld (1835–1901) on May 19, 1862 in Berlin. The marriage resulted in the son Paul (1863-1884) and the daughter Hedwig (* 1872), whom Wolfgang Gans zu Putlitz , Prussian captain a. D. and Mr. auf Barskewitz married.