Franz Gottlieb Spöckner

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Franz Gottlieb Spöckner (* 1705 ; † May 15, 1767 in Salzburg ) was a dancer and court dance master in Salzburg.

On December 3, 1723 he was enrolled at the Salzburg University. After the death of his father, Johann Lorenz Spöckner, Franz Gottlieb Spöckner took up the position of dance master at the prince-archbishop's court in Salzburg on August 1, 1737. As early as 1733 he was organizing redoubts . On September 9th, 1739 he bought the dance master house from his mother Anna Eva Spöckner .

Franz Gottlieb Spöckner was friends with Leopold Mozart , who came to Salzburg in 1743. On November 21, 1747 Leopold Mozart married Anna Maria Pertl from St. Gilgen in Salzburg Cathedral, with Spöckner being Leopold Mozart's best man.

Spöckner gave Mozart's children Maria Anna (Nannerl) and Wolfgang their first dance lessons. On September 1, 1761, Wolfgang Mozart appeared as one of the dancers in the school drama "Sigismundus, Hungariae Rex", for which Spöckner had choreographed the dances.

On February 6, 1767, Franz Gottlieb Spöckner made his will. On May 15, 1767, at the age of 62, he was buried in the St. Sebastian cemetery (Linzergasse) in Salzburg. Franz Gottlieb Spöckner was single and had no children. After his death, the Tanzmeisterhaus passed to his relative Maria Anna Raab by means of a will, who is better known from Mozart's correspondence under her nickname "Danzmeister Mitzerl".

From 1773 Leopold Mozart lived with his family and the maid on the first floor of the dance master's house.


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