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Franz Lafar (born September 15, 1865 in Vienna , † December 24, 1938 in Baden (Lower Austria) ) was an Austrian chemist, microbiologist and mycologist .

Lafar studied chemistry at the Technical University of Vienna with a diploma in 1890. He received his doctorate (Dr. phil.) From the University of Leipzig in 1891 and was then assistant for bacteriology and yeast science at the fermentation research station at the Hohenheim Agricultural University . In 1893 he became a private lecturer at the Technical University of Stuttgart and in 1897 an associate professor. In 1906 he became a full professor of fermentation physiology and bacteriology at the Vienna University of Technology, where he was dean from 1912 to 1914 and retired in 1917. In 1908 he received his doctorate again (Dr. tech.). He was a councilor.

He dealt with application-oriented chemistry of yeasts and bacteria and published a standard work (Technical Mycology) on it.

In 1907 he became a member of the Leopoldina .


  • Publisher: Technical Mycology, 3 volumes, 1897 to 1907 (also translated into Russian and English), 2nd edition as a manual of technical mycology for technical chemists, 5 volumes, 1904 to 1914

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