Franz Ludwig Hürner

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Franz Ludwig Hürner (born April 1, 1778 in Aarau ; † August 7, 1849 ; resident in Aarau) was a Swiss politician and judge . From 1828 to 1837 he was Councilor of the Canton of Aargau .


The son of the town clerk and notary, Gabriel Hürner, studied law at the Academy in Bern and passed the notarial examination in 1798. After the Helvetic Republic was proclaimed in March of the same year (with Aarau as the first capital), Hürner was the first secretary of the chancellery of the new republic, but soon switched to the Helvetic Court of Justice. In 1803 he was admitted to the bar, whereupon he worked as a town clerk for Aarau until 1828 . From 1812 to 1828 he also served as a cantonal appellate judge, from 1802 to 1835 he was a member of the management of the Aarau Cantonal School .

Hürner was also politically active. In 1808 he was elected to the Grand Council , to which he belonged for over three decades. From 1813 to 1815 he represented Aargau at the federal diets . In 1828 the Grand Council elected him to the cantonal government, where he was mainly responsible for finances. In addition, Hürner was President of the Reformed Council of Churches, at the federal level he took part in coin, postal and customs conferences. When the Liberals took power in 1830 as part of the regeneration process , he remained in the cantonal government, unlike several of his colleagues in office.

In 1837 the increasingly radical Grand Council no longer confirmed Hürner in office. Thereupon he was temporarily post director in Aargau and member of the board of a railway company, whose project for a railway line to Zurich was not realized. In 1841 he tried in vain to mediate between the hardened fronts in the Aargau monastery dispute, whereupon he lost his seat on the Grand Council in the elections that year. From 1838 until his death, Hürner served as chief judge.


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