Franz Rutzen

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Franz Rutzen (born December 28, 1933 in Mainz ) is a German publisher .

Franz Rutzen studied economics at the University of Mainz and became a member of the Corps Borussia Greifswald in 1953 (at that time in Mainz). He finished his studies at the University of Hamburg and took his diploma in economics there in 1956.

Since 1960 he has been in charge of the Philipp von Zabern publishing house in Mainz, the city of his birth, and over the next few years built it into the world's leading publisher in the field of archeology. In 2001 he retired, but in 2004 he started publishing books again in his own publishing house, Franz Philipp Rutzen . With his wife he founded the Franz and Eva Rutzen Foundation . Because of his services to archeology, Rutzen became an honorary member of the German Archaeological Institute .

In 2004 Rutzen received the Winckelmann Medal from the city of Stendal .

On January 1, 2017, Rutzen closed his publishing house.

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