Winckelmann Medal (Stendal)

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The Winckelmann Medal has been awarded by the city of Stendal since 1960 .

Since 1960, the city of Stendal has been awarding the Winckelmann Medal to people who have made outstanding contributions to Winckelmann research or to caring for the memory of the founder of modern archeology. The suggestions for the award are made by the Board of Trustees of the Winckelmann Society . The medal was designed by Gerhard Richter , the founding director of the Winckelmann Museum , and is based on the Winckelmann Medal of the German Archaeological Institute , donated in 1929 and designed by Edwin Scharff . The bust of Winckelmann can be seen in profile on the front. Even in the days of the GDR, the award was comparatively international, even if people from Stendal and the surrounding area were given particular consideration, as the memory of the city's son is particularly pronounced there. Among the foreign winners are mainly Italians, such as Cesare Pagnini in 1965 , who rediscovered the files on Winckelmann's murder in 1963.

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