Franziska Cechal

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A Letter To The Stars , Aktion Allee der Gerechten in Vienna (2011)

The Viennese Franziska Čechal (* 4. August 1909 , † 24. December 2002 ) was an Austrian Righteous Among the Nations .

In 1942 she hid the Jew Rosalia Istas in her small apartment in Vienna.

Rosalia's mother was deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp shortly before . It was supposed to be sent to Poland itself . However, she did not obey this order.

Franziska Cechal lived with her four-year-old daughter in modest circumstances, but despite her need, provided Rosalia with food and clothing.

Since the neighbors became suspicious and frequent raids by the SS posed a threat to Rosalia Ista, she occasionally had to stay with her friends Anna Kuchar and Maria Böhm .

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