Freeman Point

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Freeman Point
Geographical location
Freeman Point (Antarctica)
Freeman Point
Coordinates 66 ° 9 ′  S , 132 ° 6 ′  E Coordinates: 66 ° 9 ′  S , 132 ° 6 ′  E
location Wilkesland , East Antarctica
coast Clarie coast
Waters Perry Bay
Waters 2 Freeman Glacier

The Freeman Point is an ice-covered headland at the Clarie Coast of the East Antarctic Wilke country . It is located immediately west of the confluence of the Freeman Glacier in Perry Bay .

The Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names named them in 1955 after J. D. Freeman, sailmaker on the Sloop Peacock in the United States Exploring Expedition (1838–1842) under the direction of the American polar explorer Charles Wilkes .

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