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Freerk Huisken (born January 29, 1941 in Eberswalde ) is a Marxist journalist and former professor for political economy in education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Bremen . He has come out particularly with positions on political and social issues such as education. Huisken is the author of the journal GegenStandpunkt and, even after his retirement, regularly gives lectures on the criticism of science and political issues.


After studying at the Oldenburg University of Education , he worked as a teacher until 1967, after which he also studied political science and psychology at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg . After receiving his doctorate in 1971, he received a professorship for political economy in the education sector at the University of Bremen . In his work as a university lecturer, Huisken took a position that allows every person to think independently. Not infrequently he came into conflict with the university management, most recently when he wrote a book on the subject of youth violence at the beginning of 2003 on the occasion of the school massacre in Erfurt and wanted to publicize it in the university media. The press office refused, as the theses in the book were not suitable for “contributing to the prestige and reputation of the university”. He also often showed solidarity with students who came into conflict with the university management. Freerk Huisken is associated with the magazine GegenStandpunkt and takes a Marxist point of view that sees a person's thinking as always independent and therefore every person as capable of criticism. As with the GegenStandpunkt, this criticism of Freerk Huisken is mainly directed against capitalism and its manifestations in education, democracy, fascism, morality and contemporary science.

In March 2006, Huisken retired, but he continues to give lectures on science criticism and political issues.

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  1. Documents, among other things, on lectures and discussion events of GEGENSTANDPUNKT , documents among other things on lectures and discussion events of GegenStandpunkt

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