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Open-air cinema using an inflatable screen in Saarlouis (2009)

The term open-air cinema (also open-air cinema , more rarely open -air cinema ) means the showing of cinema films in the open air. Usually, open-air cinemas often take place in central or special places in many cities during the summer months. However, even in winter when there is ice and snow, there are more and more outdoor cinema events. Often these screenings are even free of charge (for example the open-air cinema on the Rathausmarkt in Hamburg ).

According to the Filmförderungsanstalt (FFA), there were 510 open-air cinemas and open -air theaters in Germany in 2011 , which corresponds to 11 percent of all cinema halls, but only 0.7 percent of the visitors (940,000) and 0.6 percent (a good 6 million euros) of sales of all cinemas increased.

A variant of the open-air cinema is the drive-in cinema, which achieved cult status in the 1960s. Today there are only comparatively few drive-in cinemas left (around 20 in Germany in 2010). In the drive-in cinema, viewers can watch the film from their cars; the sound is usually transmitted by radio and received on the car radio.


The locations are parks, outdoor swimming pools, football stadiums, castles, amphitheaters or similar suitable locations. Depending on the venue, the seating ranges from ceilings that you have brought with you to grandstands in the stadium and stone stairs in the amphitheater to individual seating.

The oldest open-air cinema, which has been operated by the "Sun Pictures Theater" since 1916, is located in Australia. Large and well-known open-air cinema events in Germany include, " Filmnächte am Elbufer " ( Dresden ), "Kino am Olympiasee" (Olympiapark, Munich ), the "Frankenheim Kino" ( Düsseldorf ), the "Freiluftkino auf dem Rathausmarkt ”( Hamburg ), the Chemnitz Film Nights, the Summer Night Film Festival ( Nuremberg ), the “ Open Air Cinema Nights at Schloss Gottesaue ”( Karlsruhe ) and the“ Summer Open Air ”( Münster ) organized by Schauburg .

There are also six open-air cinemas on the island of Elba .

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