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Freedom is a political trend within liberalism that developed in the 19th century . It stands for free-thinking , but without being explicitly anti-religious, and is partly equated with liberalism as a mental attitude.


In the German Empire in 1884 the German Freedom Party was established , which split up in 1893 into the right-wing liberal Liberal Association and the left-wing liberal Liberal People's Party . In 1910 both wings became part of the Progressive People's Party .


In the Netherlands, the left-wing liberals, who also called themselves radicals , gathered in the Vrijzinnig Democratic Bond . This party existed from 1901 to 1946. In 1966 the Democrats 66 party was founded, which in 2006 gave itself the addition of "Social Liberals". She uses the term vrijzinnig occasionally.

The term is also used in an ecclesiastical context for the more liberal Protestant communities. So there is the Vrijzinnige Geloofsgemeenschap (German: Free-minded religious community ). One of the public radio associations was also called Vrijzinnig Protestantse Radio Omroep , until it only presented itself under its abbreviation. Nowadays he is considered to be more of an alternative anarchist.


Freedom in Switzerland grew out of the liberal movement and is considered to be the founding movement of the federal state from 1848.

In 1830, the Solothurn Freedom was founded under the leadership of the later Federal Councilor Josef Munzinger . The "Patriotic Association" founded the following year called itself the "Protection Association for Freedom". Against the conservative canton of Lucerne , the radicals led so-called free marches in 1844/45 . The Sonderbund War of 1847 also brought victory for the Liberals at the national level. The Swiss Federal Constitution of 1848 is liberal. The newly created Swiss federal state was politically dominated by the liberal movement in its beginnings. It provided the majority in the Federal Assembly and the entire Federal Council .

In 1894 the Free Democratic Party (FDP) was founded. In 2009 this merged with the Liberal Party of Switzerland (LPS), which had hitherto mainly been anchored in French-speaking Switzerland, to form the “ FDP .

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