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Christoph Carl Friedrich von Wurmb (born July 2, 1742 in Wolkramshausen , † March 1781 in Batavia ) was a German botanist . He was also known by the name of Frederick van Wurmb . Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " Wurmb ".

Live and act

Carl Friedrich von Wurmb came from Thuringia , from the noble von Wurmb family . His parents were the electoral Saxon captain Gottfried von Wurmb (1704–1743), who died soon after his birth, and Luise von Wolzüge (1717–1763). His older brother Ludwig von Wurmb (1740-1811) was later governor and major in Rudolstadt, his younger sister Luise Juliane (1743-1823) married the Reschwitz-Rudolstädter Oberlandjägermeister and forest scientist Carl Christoph von Lengefeld (1715-1775) and brought two famous ones Daughters, Caroline (1763-1847) and Charlotte (1766-1822), to the world.

When he and his brother Ludwig fell in love with the same woman, Christiane von Werthern (1750–1778), Carl Friedrich decided to put Frau von Werthern in his brother's hands and leave the country. Accordingly, in the autumn of 1774 he went to Java via Amsterdam as a subcontractor for the Dutch East India Company . His brother married Frau von Werthern in June 1776, and his sister's son-in-law, Friedrich Schiller , wrote his short story A Magnanimous Plot about this episode .

Carl Friedrich von Wurmb resided in Batavia ; his house has been preserved. It is two buildings away from the “Imhoff House”; there are two lion sculptures in front of the entrance. Wurmb was one of the founders of the Royal Batavian Society of Arts and Sciences , acted as the society's secretary and published in its negotiations , for example on the taxonomy of palm trees and a recently killed Bornean orangutan . Its collections form the basis of today's National Museum and the National Library.


The genus Wurmbea Thunb. from the plant family of the timeless plants (Colchicaceae) has been named in his honor.


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    The first section of this work contains letters from Wurmb to his brother and his wife, the second section contains letters from Karl von Wolzüge (1764–1808), a brother of Ludwig von Wolzüge , from the years 1788 to 1792.
  • Peculiarities from the East Indies, the country, peoples and natural history; from the papers of Herr von Wurmb, who was in the service of the Dutch company, and other reliable sources published by Major von Wurmb . Carl Wilhelm Ettinger, Gotha 1797.


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