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Siegmund Gerhard Seybold (born September 5, 1939 in Stuttgart ) is a German botanist , florist and museum biologist. Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Seybold ". He is a brother of the theologian Klaus Seybold .


Seybold studied mathematics and biology at the University of Stuttgart , where he received his doctorate in 1968 with a chemo-taxonomic dissertation.

In his professional career he was employed from 1967 at the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart , where he was responsible for the fields of plant sociology and floristry , among other things . From 1993 onwards, Seybold was the chief curator of the botany department at the Natural History Museum in Stuttgart. He was particularly interested in the flora of Baden-Württemberg.

He has also published floristic works that thematically go beyond southern Germany, for example about species of the genus Satureja in Ethiopia or about Persian Marrubium species as preliminary work for Flora Iranica .

Seybold also worked in the field of nomenclature for plants, where he published several papers on scientific species names for plants. Another area of ​​work is the history of botany, in particular the research of botanists' life data, which he works on, among other things, in the concise dictionary of plant names , of which Seybold is co-editor.

Seybold retired in 2002 and lives in Ludwigsburg.

In 2009 he became an honorary member of the Society for Natural History in Württemberg .

The Seybold whitebeam ( Sorbus seyboldiana ) is named after him .


Siegmund Seybold was the author of the

  • Flora of Stuttgart - Directory of the higher plants growing wild in the central Neckarland . - Century Ver. Father Natural Württ., Volume 123, Pages 140-297.

He worked and is involved in numerous botanical works, among others

  • since 1988: Index Holmiensis , the directory of all distribution maps for fern and flowering plants
  • since 1972: Zander concise dictionary of plant names
  • 1993 to 2016: Schmeil-Fitschen : Flora von Deutschland (book and CD-ROM version)
  • 1990 to 1998: The ferns and flowering plants of Baden-Württemberg
  • The scientific names of plants and what they mean . 2002, 2nd edition 2005


  • On the physiological behavior of sugar alcohols in the vegetative organs of higher plants . (Photo print: Mikoskopie GmbH, Munich), Stuttgart 1969, (Dissertation University of Stuttgart, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Humanities, March 5, 1968, 60 pages).

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