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Walter Erhardt

Walter Erhardt (born February 19, 1952 in Kulmbach ) is a German botanist and garden writer. In addition, until his retirement he was a teacher in elementary school and a media pedagogical and information technology advisor for the district of Kulmbach as well as the head of the local media center.

As a garden writer, he wrote numerous books and articles, especially for "Gartenpraxis" and "DeGa" (both published by Eugen Ulmer, Stuttgart). Most of his books were also published there. As a result of his intensive occupation with plants and his work as a specialist writer, an extensive botanical specialist library was created, which among other things contains almost all international variety registers.

He has been married to Anne Erhardt (born Hofmann, born December 29, 1956 in Kulmbach ) since 1976 , who is the co-author of some of his books. Together they received the 1997 book prize of the German Horticultural Society for the PPP index published in 1995.

Its official botanical author's abbreviation is " Erhardt ".

Works (selection)

  • Hemerocallis (daylilies), 1988; Translation into English, 1992.
  • Plants Buying Guide, 1990; from the 2nd edition multilingual under the title PPP-Index: 2nd edition 1995; 3rd edition 1997, 4th edition 2000 under the title Plant wanted? (together with Anne Erhardt).
  • Beautiful African violets and other Gesneria, 1993 (together with Anne Erhardt).
  • Daffodils, Osterglocken - Jonquillen - Tazetten, 1993.
  • Collaboration on the book 35,000 plantes published by the Société Nationale d'Horticulture de France, 1997 (together with Anne Erhardt).
  • Co-editor of the following editions of the Zander hand dictionary of plant names: 16th ed. (2000), 17th ed. (2002), 18th ed. (2008), 19th ed. (2014); Translation into English: The Timber Press Dictionary of Plant Names (2009).
  • List of Conifer Names, 2005.

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