Society for Natural History in Württemberg

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The Society for Natural History in Württemberg eV is an association of natural scientists and friends of natural history based in Stuttgart, where it is connected to the State Museum for Natural History Stuttgart .

The society was founded on August 26, 1844 in Stuttgart as an association for patriotic natural history in Württemberg , inspired by a meeting of the Society of German Natural Scientists and Doctors in Stuttgart in 1834. Ferdinand Krauss (who later became head of the royal Württemberg natural history cabinet, the later Museum of Natural History), Johann Gottlob von Kurr , the State Councilor Wilhelm Friedrich Ludwig and the Tübingen professor Wilhelm von Rapp (President 1854 to 1868). The first president was Wilhelm von Urach , Count of Württemberg until 1854 . The current chairman (since 2013) is Theo Simon . It has had its current name since 1969.

They organize lectures and excursions and publish their annual journals, a scientific journal that has been published since 1846.

In 1870 they had around 400 members, in 1900 around 800 and in 1994 they had the highest number to date with around 860 members. Today (2015) they have 625 members. You award an honorary membership.

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