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The Schmeil-Fitschen is one of several excursion flora to determine the higher plants ( vascular spore plants and seed plants ) in the German-speaking area. The area covered by the flora includes Germany , Denmark , the Netherlands , Belgium , Luxembourg , Switzerland , Liechtenstein , Austria , and about 100 km wide areas of the neighboring countries: France (Alsace, Vosges), Italy ( South Tyrol ), Poland .

The book was first published in 1903 by Erwin Nägele, Stuttgart and Leipzig; It takes its name from its founders Otto Schmeil and Jost Fitschen . It has been published by Quelle & Meyer since 1906 . After Schmeil's death in 1943 and Fitschen in 1947, Werner Rauh took over the publication of the 64th edition in 1954 , supported by Karlheinz Senghas from the 1960s onwards . Siegmund Seybold acted as editor until the 95th edition in 2011 . Since the 96th edition, published in 2016, the Schmeil-Fitschen has been edited by Gerald Parolly and Jens Gunter Rohwer .

According to the publisher, the total circulation is now "over 2.5 million copies sold". The full title was originally Flora of Germany and its neighboring areas , since the 89th edition (1993) renamed Flora Germany and neighboring countries . With the 93rd edition, it was expanded to such an extent that it could also be used for all of Austria. In the 95th edition published in 2011, the processing area was extended to Switzerland, Liechtenstein, South Tyrol and parts of the Czech Republic.

Individual evidence

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