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Salt ( idg. * Sal-, actually the dirty gray ) denotes:

  • Salts , chemical compounds made up of ions in crystal lattices
  • Table salt ( table salt), the salt used for human consumption
  • Curing salt for preserving meat, fish and sausage products
  • Sodium chloride , chemical substance, main component of table salt
  • Mineral salts , term for inorganic nutrients and also salts that are important for nutrition
  • Halite , the mineral made from sodium chloride
  • Rock salt , the sedimentary rock that consists almost entirely of halite
  • De-icing salt (road salt), which is used to melt ice and snow and consists essentially of sodium chloride
  • Sea salt , table salt obtained from sea water
  • Smelling salts to stimulate dizziness and fainting spells
  • Himalayan salt, a trade name for pink rock salt
  • Regenerating salt , also known as dishwasher salt
  • SALZ , an Austrian literary magazine
  • Salt (heraldry) , a coat of arms figure in heraldry

Salt is the name of the following geographical objects:

Salt is the family name of the following people:

  • Abraham Salz (* around 1866, † around 1942), Galician Zionist, lawyer and leader of the Chowewe Zion
  • Arthur Salz (1881–1963), German social and economic scientist
  • Dirk Salz (* 1962), German painter
  • Georges Salz (1878–1949), Swiss author and publisher
  • Hans Salz (1905–1972), German athlete and ENT doctor
  • Manuel Salz (* 1985), German football player (goalkeeper)
  • Sam Salz (1894–1981), art dealer, art collector and patron

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