Frigga (dish)

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Polenta with frigga as a snack in Friuli

Frigga (also Frigge, Frikka or Fricka ; Slovenian : frika ; Furlan and Italian : frico ) is a bacon - cheese - omelette from Carinthia , Friuli and parts of Slovenia . Traditionally it was made by woodcutters in a pan over an open fire .

For preparation, diced bacon is fried until translucent, then diced hard cheese , for example Emmentaler, added and finally, when it has melted, eggs are beaten over it and left to set. Frigga is either served on polenta or eaten straight out of the pan with bread .

A variant, called Frika , is known in Slovenia . Her eggs have been replaced by potatoes , which are gently cooked raw in slices in fatty bacon or vegetable oil, mixed with grated Tolminc cheese and baked to make crispy omelets. Frika is also served with polenta.

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