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Fritz Bolle (born June 10, 1908 , † April 8, 1982 ) was a German zoologist and writer .


Bolle broke off his zoology studies.

During the Second World War , Bolle was busy in a sub-camp called Vorwerk Mitte of the Buchenwald concentration camp with the construction of an underground plant for liquid oxygen for rocket drives by slave workers.

He later worked as editor-in-chief at the Droemer Knaur publishing house . He has written and translated a number of popular science books, was a collaborator and author in the popular science magazine Orion and publisher of Knaurs Lexicon A - Z . As a lecturer he looked after Johannes Mario Simmel , Peter Bamm and Hans-Joachim Schoeps, among others .

From 2017 it became known through Götz Aly that Bolle had ensured at Droemer several times at different times that Raul Hilberg's book The Destruction of European Jews by Droemer had not been translated and published in German for decades despite a corresponding contract with the author. Whether his attitude towards the Nazis was decisive, because Hilberg named hundreds of names of Nazi perpetrators, or rather the competitive thinking of West German researchers, especially from the Munich Institute for Contemporary History , who repeatedly issued negative reports on Hilberg's book (one was in the estate of Helmut Krausnick , the director of the IfZ at the time, has not yet been decided.



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