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Alfred Kaestner (born May 17, 1901 in Leipzig , † January 3, 1971 in Munich ) was a German zoologist .

In November 1933 he signed the German professors' confession of Adolf Hitler . In 1949 he became a professor at the Humboldt University in Berlin , and in 1951 director of the Berlin Zoological Museum. From 1957 to 1967 he was Professor of Special Zoology at the University of Munich and 1st Director of the Bavarian State Natural Science Collections . Kaestner had been a member of the Leopoldina since 1957 . Before he started his "textbook", he was already well known as an arachnologist (with a number of general presentations) in the specialist world. 1959/1960 Kaestner was President of the German Zoological Society .

Kaestner is the author of the two-volume university textbook and standard work “Textbook of Special Zoology”, in which almost all phyla of the animal kingdom are presented in detail, in detail and comprehensively. In the meantime, the "Kaestner" is available with the assistance of relevant specialist authors, T. in revisions before:


  • Structure and function of the fan tails of some spiders. Springer, Berlin 1929
  • Textbook of special zoology . 2 volumes, 1955 and 1963. (1963 with the collaboration of Arno Wetzel )


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