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Fritz Cockerell (born November 25, 1889 in Munich ; † April 16, 1965 there ) was a German pioneer of motorcycle, automobile and engine construction. His actual name was Friedrich G ockerell, but mostly the spelling with C appears, and he is also referred to as Fritz Cockerell in his patent and disclosure documents.


Fritz Cockerell first worked as a machinist in an airship, later in steam turbine construction at Maffei . He then moved to Rapp-Motorenwerke, which later merged with Gustav Otto Maschinenfabrik as Bayerische Flugzeugwerke AG and was renamed Bayerische Motorenwerke AG ( BMW ). There Cockerell worked as a research engineer and was then workshop manager founded with Meixner and Landgraf German-Megola-Werke GmbH (Hans Me ixner, Frederick Go ckerell, Otto La ndgraf) in Munich for the production of Megola motorcycle. This was characterized by a rotating five-cylinder radial engine in the front wheel and was produced in a small series (according to unsecured information, 2000 pieces were produced). The Megola was included in the 1998 Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum's temporary exhibition the art of the motorcycle .

Cockerell operated the Cockerell Fahrzeugwerke and developed an eight-cylinder two-stroke engine for a "German people intended sports car" and a four-cylinder two-stroke engine that was built into a few prototypes of a car and two-wheeler. Cockerell achieved more success with auxiliary bicycle engines and light motorcycles, which were considered very reliable and were sold under his own name. He later devoted himself to research on diesel engines for aircraft, turbine engines and the rotary engine .

Cockerell's estate administration: Deutsches Museum in Munich .


  • Pax, forerunner of the Megola with a three-cylinder radial engine in the rear wheel
  • Megola (first prototype 1919, production from 1921 to approx. 1925)
  • Cockmobile , tricycle similar to the Megola - also as a van with a box body, dating still uncertain
  • Cockerell light motorcycles, from 1921


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