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Fritz Ihlau (born August 28, 1909 in Hanover , † 1995 in Cologne ) was a German composer . He also composed under the pseudonym Fred Langen , especially rhythmically more modern works.


He studied music, literature and theater studies, he graduated from 1930 to 1935 at the Universities of Marburg and in Munich , which he with the promotion of Dr. phil. completed. He joined the Christian student union Marburger Wingolf . In the field of music he studied counterpoint and composition with Hans Stieber . As a student he gave concerts under the direction of Otto Ebel von Sosen and made radio recordings under the direction of Karl List.

Following the above study, he completed the Tonmeisterschule in Frankfurt. Ihlau specialized as a music consultant and editor and worked at the radio stations in Hanover and at the Reichsender Königsberg . After the Second World War he worked as a freelance journalist in Traunstein / Upper Bavaria. In 1950 he switched to the WDR in Cologne as a sound engineer and was also appointed main program designer there in 1961.

In 1975 he retired, but he stayed with the music world through his compositions. Ihlau's oeuvre includes an operetta, a ballet, church music, songs, choral works and orchestral pieces.


Works for orchestra

  • On the Alm - Kurpark stroll Intermezzo
  • Gypsy Rhapsody (Gipsy-Rhapsody)
  • Small episode for salon orchestra
  • Romantic overture for large orchestra (1933)
  • Serenade for flute, oboe and string orchestra (1942)

Works for wind orchestra

  • 1965 Festive resonance
  • 1983 Bergische Overture
  • 1983 Romantic interlude
  • 1984 Festive Trumpets Intrada
  • Bergischer March
  • In a good mood
  • Sentimental Dreams
  • Four serious ways

Masses and sacred music

  • St. Georg's Mass in E minor (Wißkirchen) for mixed choir, soprano solo and organ
  • Christmas carol suite for soloists (STB), choir 1 (SSA), choir 2 (TTBB) and orchestra ad libitum or piano

Stage works

  • 1942 The magic castle operetta

Choral works

  • Spring walk
  • Herr Wirt, you still have some cool wine

Individual evidence

  1. Complete directory of Wingolf, 1991

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