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Fritz Stolz (born July 16, 1942 in Männedorf ; † December 10, 2001 ) was a Swiss theologian, professor of general religious history and religious studies at the theological faculty of the University of Zurich . He was one of the most famous German-speaking religious scholars.


Proudly studied theology and oriental studies in Heidelberg and Zurich . He received his doctorate in 1969. He then taught at the Bethel Church University , first as a lecturer for Hebrew, then from 1972 as a professor for the Old Testament. Since 1980 he has been a full university professor in Zurich for general religious history and religious studies. He is one of "the few who have succeeded in convincingly demonstrating the inner connection between religious studies and theology: as undivided and unmixed, while preserving their respective integrity and yet for mutual benefit," said Klaus Hock in his introduction to religious studies .


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