Fuyao Glass Group Industries

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Fuyao Glass Group Industries

legal form Corporation
ISIN CNE000000230
founding 1987
Seat Fuqing , People's Republic of China
management Cao Tok Wong
Number of employees 26,000
sales 20.2 billion RMB
(about 2.7 billion euros )
Branch Car glass
Website www.fuyaogroup.com
Status: 2018

Fuyao Glass Group Industries is a Chinese company engaged in the production of various types of glass . The seat of the company is in Fuqing . The company, which was founded in 1987, has developed into one of the largest glass manufacturers in the world under the favorable conditions of the past two decades. The Fuyao Group is at the 1993 Shanghai Stock Exchange listed and the Shanghai Stock Exchange 180 Index .

The product range includes a. Float glass and special products for the construction industry ( safety glass, bulletproof glass, coated glass). The most important business area is the manufacture of panes and other glass products for the automotive industry. Important customers here are Ford , General Motors , Volkswagen and other large automotive groups. In addition to the Chinese domestic market, Fuyao Glass Group Industries mainly exports its products to North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Fuyao Glass America Inc.

In 2013, Fuyao began building a factory presence in the United States, considering multiple locations in Ohio and Michigan before making the decision to move to General Motors' former manufacturing facility in Moraine, Ohio . The original commitment for the factory, released in January 2014, was to buy 1.4 million square feet of the factory from Industrial Realty Group and invest $ 250 million in an auto glass manufacturing facility that would create 800 jobs . In 2014, the float glass factory in Mount Zion, Illinois was bought. In 2016, an additional investment of $ 131 million was announced to integrate additional after-market glass lines into the plant's production line . In return, it received $ 6.6 million in grants from JobsOhio. By then, the company planned to produce enough auto glass for 4 to 5 million cars a year. By the time the plant started production in October 2016, the company had invested $ 1 billion in the US subsidiary. In the long term, growth to 5,000 employees in the USA is planned.

By the end of 2016, the Ohio factory grossed an estimated $ 280 million and employed 2,000 people in Moraine . There were some publicly discussed developments in the factory, including criticism of occupational safety, (initially) low productivity, and the attempt to form a union ( United Auto Workers ), which the majority of employees rejected in an election in 2017.

The 2019 documentary American Factory is about the Ohio factory and has won multiple awards.


In 2019 Fuyao took over the insolvent southern German automotive supplier SAM Automotive Group (sales of 280 million euros).


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