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Günther Huwer (born December 1, 1899 in Saarbrücken , † September 6, 1992 in Berchtesgaden ) was a German gynecologist and university professor .


Günther Huwer studied medicine in Breslau, Jena and Innsbruck. In 1933 he became a private lecturer for gynecology and obstetrics in Jena, in the same year he became a member of the NSDAP. In 1935 Huwer was appointed associate professor.

From 1934 Huwer was one of the doctors who were authorized to carry out compulsory sterilization at the Jena University Women's Clinic in accordance with the law for the prevention of hereditary offspring of July 14, 1933. In 1983 Huwer commented on his involvement in forced sterilization in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt as follows:

“In 1934 I worked at the women's clinic at the University of Jena, under the direction of Prof. Henkel, who years later, persecuted by the Gestapo, took his life and underwent many sterilizations. The indications were medically extremely correct, each made by three doctors. I did not see any of these women sad that they could no longer bear children - on the contrary, there was almost always relief. "

- Günther Huwer

From 1935 to 1952 Huwer worked as a gynecologist in China. He worked in leading positions initially at the Sun Yatsen University in Canton, then in 1939 at the German Hospital in Beijing and from 1945 to 1952 in various clinics, initially in Beijing and later in Kweilin. In 1952 Huwer was expelled from China.

From 1954 to 1958 Huwer was the chief physician of the DRK hospital in Pusan / South Korea. After his return he was chief physician for gynecology and obstetrics at Wenckebach Hospital in Berlin.



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