Gaius Iulius Asper

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Gaius Iulius Asper (* in Attaleia ; † after 216) was a Roman politician and senator at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd century AD.

Asper was from Attaleia . His first consulate had Asper under Commodus held. Apparently he was proconsul of the province of Africa in the year 200/1 or 204/5. A military diploma dated August 30, 212, proves that Asper and his son Gaius Iulius Camilius Asper were full consul in 212; at the same time he was Praefectus urbi (before January 1, 212). Asper fell from grace that same year and was banished along with his son. Later pardoned again, he was appointed proconsul of the province of Asia by Caracalla for the year 217/8 , but prevented from entering his province by Macrinus , ostensibly because of his age and illness, and replaced by Quintus Anicius Faustus .



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